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    problem after re-instal software instal on vista




      I erase the backup and recovery software because of some problems on my computer.


      when i re-instal (or instal for the second time) the software on the same computer, it's not working.


      whane i read the dsksafe log :

      2010-08-23 16:15:44.670 (T2684) |R|  **************** DiskSafe service started(PC-DE-USER), build Number: 663 **************
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  DiskSafe installed directory: C:\backup and recovery
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  Trace level: 1
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  System root is C:\windows
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  OS doesn't enabled PXE boot in last boot operation(6FFC0040), no need to reset last boot timemark
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  Network environment is not changed from PXE module
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  Platform: , Service Pack 2
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |E|  Failed to load IMA module C:\Program Files\IMA\iscmlib.dll
      2010-08-23 16:15:44.686 (T2684) |R|  There is no valid license for DiskSafe, exit...


      the problem is : i don't know where i can put the license key, because the software installation hasn't ask me for.....


      i don't understand what is : Network environment is not changed from PXE module ????


      plase someone could help me ????