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    DX58SO - no SMBIOS data



      I have some problems with my DX58SO. When i enter in the BIOS, at the "Additional System Information" no manufacturer, product name etc data. I see the  motherboard version data only. The different 'hardware and system information programs' are not recognized my motherboard (exception the Lavalys Everest).

      I can not install IDCC and other intel programs, because the installers stop with different error message. For example Intel Integrator Assistant stop with the following message: "This motherboard is not supported by Intel Integrator Assistant". The IDCC stop with the following message: "Error 1001: Motherboard detected is not a supported 'Intel(R) Extereme Series' motherboard.".

      I tried every BIOS version from 4405. Now, I use the latest, 5417.
      I think there are all mistakes because of the incomplete (bad) smbios. I read that BIOS and system makers have utilities that can write to the SMBIOS data areas. I could install (i don't now why) Intel Integrator Toolkit but with program i can't give desktop board 'Manufacturer' and 'Product name' and 'Serial Number' values.


      Can somebody help me?


      DX58SO retail version

      Core i7 920 retail version

      Corsair 6G 1600MHz

      Corsair 750W PSU

      Sapphire Radeon HD 4890

      Windows 7 Professional x64


      Thank You.