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    D510MO Problems. Help!


      I purchased 2 of these boards. The first has been great. The 2nd a huge pain. I cannot get it to install an operating system at all. When I try to install Windows 7 (Home or Professional) it blue screens before the setup page loads. Windows XP is the same. Linux install just freezes. Tried 2 different hard drives and a SSD. All the same result. Updated to the latest BIOS and the same problems. Tried to change AHCI to IDE. Same again. Memtest finds no problems. Is there anything else to try or am I looking at a bad board?

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          I would suggest you, in case it doesn't cause you any trouble, to replace the good one with the bad one, only for testing purposes. If everything works ok, then something in the setup of your second system is not in good conditions. You can isolate the problematic hardware just replacing, one by one, the componentes in the first system (with the bad board installed).You should start with the memory modules, and then exchange the power supply; carry on replacing any additionall PCI card (in case you have it); you can continue with the USB hardware (TV tuners, etc); then, replace the optical drive and finally the hdd.


          Hope it helps.