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    Fatal error loading windows 7



      I have tried to load windows 7 on a new hard drive in an acer power f5 pc. It starts to extract files then it goes to the screen 'starting windows' then it goes to the screen with the loading bar along the bottom. It then comes up with the 0000021a error. I have since installed windows 7 on the hard drive connected to my HP pc without any errors. When I take the hard drive and then connect it to the Acer pc it starts to fire up then it comes up with a page that says 'fix the windows installation or 'start windows normally' If I start windows normally it comes back to that screen, If I try to fix the installation it starts the installation process again and it looks for which country your in then it looks for drivers but I am unsure what drivers I need or where to get them. Sorry for the daft questions but I'm new to this side of working with pc's.


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          Ok, the first thing is there are no drivers for that system for win 7, so you need the generic ones, or the ones that win7 will find, so you are going to have to do bny fresh installing.

          The first thign to do it test install vista or XP on the acer F5, to see if they will install.

          Also what BIOS setting do you have sata as? or is it an IDE HDD?

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            I will have a look at the BIOS tonight, what should it be set at? Where do I find the generic drivers? When installing widows 7 does it have to be connected to the internet to find the drivers? As I say I'm not up to speed on this sort of thing.

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              whehn you install win 7 from scratch , it has it's own generic drivers already, so it should be able to install without an issue , i don't know why it isn't working when repairing, my thought was that if the HDD is sata, then maybe it was set as AHCI and couldn't find a driver for it . on teh acer p[age, for vista it has a few drivers that you imght need to use, but lets try and get the OS installed first, which if you are installing it in IDE mode there definately should not be any issue.