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    S3210SHLC cold boot issue after firmware update


      Hi all,

      Looking for someone experienced with hardware, maybe particularly with Intel Server Boards to lend a hand.....

      I picked myself up an S3210SHLC and needed to update the BIOS for my  Q9300 to work in it. So I borrowed an E6300 for the firmware update.  Downloaded the latest firmware update package from Intel (BIOS R0051 and  BMC 39) and put the whole package on a USB. Booted into the BIOS and  went to EFI Shell, where the USB with all the goods was picked up.  Selected to install all firmware and it went through all its steps.

      Now since finishing that whole process, the board refuses to cold boot.  The front panel headers for the power switch are completely dead. After  manually jumpering black and green pins on the ATX 24pin connector  (while plugged into the board) the thing fires into life, and will  continue to work fine when jumpering the power switch headers after  this.

      So does anyone know what has happened here? Any suggestions?