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    Windows NT Drivers for Intel Chipset

      Hello all

      I have an ASRock 775i65GV motherboard with the  Northbridge: Intel® 865GV / Southbridge: Intel® ICH5 chipset. This chipset is SATA capable. I'm putting together an AVID NLE system with this motherboard and a Truevision Targa 2000 RTX video capture board. Instead of going SCSI, which is expensive, I have a Western Digital  80 Gig 7200 SATA  Drive which has much better throughput than what was originally designed to work with this card. However the AVID MCXPress program is Mired in Windows NT, won't run on anything else; the drivers for the board are likewise dependent on WinNT 4.0 Workstation. My problem is this; the hard drive is stuck in PIO mode as I cannot find the Chipset drivers for NT. If anyone out there can point me in a direction for drivers or workarounds I'd be most grateful!