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    Resolution/Multi monitor help with KVM - Cant connect

      I've just set up an Lenovo M90 and have realvncplus connecting to the device.  I have a screen that comes up thats black and i can hit F1 to choose between 2 displays I am guessing.  Neither works and I have tried all the screen scaling options but I always get error0x80862900 remote display resolution is not supported by KVM - its set to 1920x1080.  Is there a way around this?

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          Radu Bogdan

          I think (but I'm not 100% sure) that vPro doesn't support dual screen. I haven't seen anybody with a dual screen yet posting a question.

          Maybe the Intel Moderators can give us some light on this.

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            You are correct that F1 chooses between the screens...and yes, multiple screens are supported, just one at a time. The error you're seeing is that your resolution is higher than KVM Remote Control supports. The max is 1600x1200 @16 bit color depth. @ 8 bit color you can go higher res. I don't know the exact limit but it's pretty high. So, lower your res or bit depth and it should work.


            Here's a trick: In Real Viewer Plus you can force the bit depth down in the expert settings. This way, when you connect, the bit depth lowers and you can use KVM. When you disconnect, it raises back up. In Real Viewer Plus:


            Click Options

            Click Advanced button

            Click Expert Tab

            Find Colour Level and set it to 0 or 1.


            I have not tried this option so please let me know how it goes.