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    DX58SO fails to boot & USB port issues


      I have started expiriencing two very sever problems with DX58SO motherboard.I don't have much of an idea what might of caused it to fail.

      1.My computer only powers up after performing CMOS restart.When I get my computer running by doing CMOS restart and then shut if off and tap computer's power button right after it shuts down it will power on,only when I tap it no more then within ~1 sec of computer turning off.


      2.USB ports keep on randomly dying off with one of the following messages:"One of the devices has malfunctioned","Device drivers software was not succesfully installed" and "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problem(Code43)" which is a quite huge problem as this mobo has no PS2 ports for mose & keyboard.


      What I've tryed so far:tested every piece of hardware,tetermening that cause is indeed Motherboard.I installed lates BIOS but it didn't change a thing.

      So what I'm wondering is,does anybody has and idea what exactly might be the problem here?Is there any possiblity of fixing the issue?

      I'm guessing the suggestion what will come is "Get a new motherboard."Sadly this isn't an option.

      So any help much appreciated.Thank you.