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    Custom resolution Problem X4500HD


      I am having problems setting the custom resolution on my graphics card to 1366x768 60Hz which is the one suggested by the manufacturer of the HDTV I am using.  I have plugged in a DVI to HDMI cable. At the moment I gave been using the closest resolution which is 1368x768, though this gives a poor quality image ie. the text is nearly unreadable when small, and images look like slightly posterized:   Pic1.jpg

      I have contacted Ebuyer.com, seller/manufacturer of the Foehn & Hirst TV and they have offered no help. Using the custom resolution settings in the Intel control panel I can select a resolution of 1366x768 but only 30Hz is available which makes the display like this:Pic2.jpgDoes anyone know of any solutions to this problem other than buying another, better TV.