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    ICH9R RAID rebuild ?




      After some acident both RAID1 drives are physicaly healthy but one of them contains more recent data(I know which one). How do I make them both to contain the same "up to date" data version ? - I afraid that rebuild operation could mirror that "older" data on both ? (maybe I should delete all the data on that "older" data disk - but again this is filesystem level ?)




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          What should happen is that the RAID knows what drive has the current data to rebuild from.


          So to make it rebuilds the right take then drive you want it to rebuild from then put the other drive in and Ctrl + I to reset disks to non-raid now when you put the drive you want it to rebuild from back in the raid will see a unformatted new drive to rebuild onto.


          But as always backup first.

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            1/ try to install intel Rapid Storage

            2/ It is may be an issue with Hard disk


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