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    Is anyone else using the MFSYS25 Modular Server with ESX? VLAN Issues.


      I have been very suprised how hard it has been to find someone else who is using the incredible MFSYS25 Modular Server in the manner we are hoping to use it. I'm hoping someone can help me with VLAN usage.


      Here is the setup:

      We have a fully populated Mod Server - 6 Modules, each with a mezzanine card (two switches of course), Shared LUN and an Equallogic SAN

      We have ESX 4 (Enterprise - with all of the associated features) installed on all modules, the OS lives on the Shared LUN, the datastores for the machines live on the SAN.

      Most (except those going to the SAN) ports in the switch are cross-connected into an managed HP Procurve Switch, traffic is then forwarded to the Internet through the proper port in our SonicWALL (NSA 5000)


      What we want to do:

      We want all six modules clustered and to be able to use DRS to manage the resources - this requires that any virtual machine could be l started on any module and function properly.

      The problem we have is that we are dealing with a fairly large number of VLANs (the goal is to have over 100). We have over 100 VM's running on the 24 NICs but have not found a way to have more than 4 VLANs that are always available no matter where the virtual machines is hosted. (Assigning each NIC on each module as untagged to a single VLAN)

      It would also seem that it's possible that 20 VLANs out is going to be a maximum in a best case scenerio (We have not been able to get a tagged VLAN to work under any circumstance), and 10 as a max if you want redundance.

      Reading the (gasp!) documentation for the switch, it seems that IP based or MAC based VLANs are possible, but I have not been able to make this work with ESX at all.


      I would appreciate any insights from anyone who is familiar with this type of design or is super awesome at managing VLANs in the Modular Server, especially making it work with an HP switch.