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    Intel RST service is not running?

      I use laptop Dell inspiron 15R, Window7 Home Premium 64bit, Intel Core i5 2.4GHz . This morning, after start windows, I see this utilities is not running. Please help me.

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          I have the similar problem with one of mine Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 ver 1.0 BIOS F9 MBO and the MS Win 7 Ult 64-bit on this PC...

          I believe that has something to do with a Windows 7 UAC actually, and/or/sometimes it fixes it self/by it self, after few minutes, when your PC is engaged on..., eventually the warning message will gone and the green arrow will be back on this Icon in your Notification Area...


          And consider this is all new technology replacing Intel Matrix, or advancing it..., this is some tiny bug...

          An again, you can always shut it down (open the Software it self and go to Preferences and untick the "Show the notification area icon"), or just hide this Icon thru "Notification Area Icons" in Windows 7 -> Control Panel...

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            Delayed Start or hiding in the in the taskbar when not needed click ^ to see all icons.


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              Well, thank you for your kindest and 100% usefull reply PeterUK!


              I notice this problem first time at the end of August this year, and I try to search the answer on numerous places over Net, and I try to do that even yesterday...

              And considering that this technology is quite some new, there are not so many Forums & similar to talk about this technology quite yet...

              I also read some official papers about this Intel Rapid Storage Technology (iRST), but never found a proper (official) explanation yet..., all till now...


              Yap, this is it, I believe that this is 100% proper solution, thank you!

              I will setup on my PCs te given solution all here, and, in next few days, if I found that this problemo is still haven't been fixed, I will definitelly post this update info here for the other concerns, but I sincerely doubt that this will be anymore nedeed! 




              Of course, on this given location, many would not know where to look for this as the picture shows...

              Just go via "Task Manager -> Services" (then go to "Services" with raised Admin privileges...), and from the list locate the "Intel (R) Rapid Storage Technology" and finally choose right click "Properties" and voila... 

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                Final confirmation update info: The "PeterUK solution" solved above explained problem totally!

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                  thank you. my probleme is fixed with PeterUK solution.