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    Problems with Hyper-V on Server 2008 R2 x64 (S3200SH SB + Xeon X3220)


      Issue: Everytime I try and create a new VM or start the skeleton one (no OS installed, just a VM shell), the server immediately reboots. There is no bsod, and I get no errors in the event log.  My Server Configuration: * Server Board: S3200SH as part of System SR1530AHNA * CPU: Xeon X3220 * Ram: Kingston ValueRAM 4GB (KVR667D2E5K2/4G) : On QVL * Disk Drives: WD Caviar Black (WD1001FALS) 1 TB (x2) in Raid 1 via Matrix Storage   Steps Taken so far: * Installed Server 2008 with no issue. * Enabled the Hyper-V and File Sharing Roles. * After enabling the Hyper-V role, I started chain-rebooting and I figured out I had BIOS setting issues so I changed the following setting: Enhanced Speed Step: Disabled - This fixed the problem. Virtualization Technology is enabled as well. * Tried creating a VM with the os install coming from a .iso, but server rebooted after I got through the wizard. * So that leads back to the current issue. Server reboots when I try and create a new VM or enable the partial one that is already installed.  Anyone have any idea what may be causing the reboots?


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