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    S5520SC with 2*Xeon E5620 - unable to finish Windows 7 64-bit installation


      Hello. Maybe someone can help me  with solution. When I'm installing OS - unable to finish it. It freeze  at final steps. Prevously I installed OS on the same configuration PC  this way: I had also other unit with other XEON CPU (E5503) - no  problems there, I installed OS on that system. After this take out 2  HDDs (RAID Mirroring) and put these drives into problematic unit (with  E5620 CPU).  But at this moment I haven't other unit or CPUs. So, thats  why I'm askin for solution here. I tried to turn off cores, just leaves  one core. It wasn't helpful. Any ideas? I think problem in win 7 64 bit  release for this hardware. Because this problem only with E5620. I' ll  try to install 32 bit tomorrow, but I'm not sure that this will help: I  must to sell unit exactly with 64 bit Win 7 Pro.

      With best regards, Alexandr.