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    Need some help with Atom based media PC and Sony TV


      I have built a media center PC base don the Desktop Board D945GCLF2 to attach to a newish Sony LCD TV via teh VGA port. Everything is fine apart from the fact I get screen flicker on the TV. I've tried the following:


      - changed the OS from Ubuntu to XP

      - changed the VGA cable

      - swapped the mother board

      - tried all of the settings on the TV

      - did a driver scan and updated all of the video drivers etc from the Intel site

      - Installed powerstrip which allows you to change video refresh rates etc


      So I swapped the PC for an atom based netbook and the display was perfect. So I then tried another TV (Samsung) with the Media PC and no flickering.
      (I had thought it was possibly the power supply in the case that coudl be causing the flickering but this I thik that this has ruled it out.


      I've scoured the Interweb and found a few threads about TV's with cheap VGA inputs but I would inagine a mid-range Sony TV would not be in that catagory.


      Th eonly differnce I can see between the Netbook and the Media Centre PC is that the Netbook has installed a driver that is specific to the Sony TV (or at least it looks like it has) whereas the Media PC is using a generic LCD TV driver. However, I've not been able to find this driver on the Intel or Sony websites.


      So I'm wondering if anyone has seen anything like this before or is able to suggest some more things I should try. I was wondering if I could copy the driver from the netbook to the media center PC (if I can what files do I need to copy).