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    Cant get Esata port to work on DG45id


      I just got a new 1 tb seagate harddrive 7200.12 version....and i got an external enclosure named Sunbeamtech Airbox which has an esata and a usb port to connect the hdd with the comp externally.

      The hard drive nd enclosure work flawlessly when connected thru the usb port. But when i try using the esata port...the hdd doesnt get detected at all. No signs at all...even under the esata section in the bios, it shows 'Not connected' even though i make sure that the harddrive is powered on and cables are connected properly.

      When i check the further bios settings...i can see that the sata setting is set to 'ide' and all sata and esata ports are enabled. I knw that for hot swapping i need to set it to ahci but i cant do that coz i hv my os already installed. Further, even if i dont set it to ahci and let it remain to ide...my hdd should still be detected after doin a simple scan for hardware changes in the device manager...rite...if not it shuld atleast be detected after a simple reboot....but in my case it isnt detected at all...no matter what i do !!

      Please advice me what to do...Does the esata board need drivers...is there any setting that i missed...??

      Or is it that the enclosure/mobos esata port is dead or at fault.


      Any help will be appreciated


      Here is the link for the enclosure that i m using http://www.sunbeamtech.com/PRODUCTS/Airbox/Airbox-External-Enclosure.html

      For info..even if i connect the usb nd esata ports together...the enclosure gives preference to esata...so even when both r connected...the esata works nd not the usb..