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    Why is DG33FB system shutting down??


      I have a DG33FB board and recently (8/20) starting having problems. The computer is going into some kind of suspended state and there are no warning beeps, no flashes on the screen....nothing.  It just stops and after the hard drive quits spinning it just sits there. I've checked event logs and nothing shows up.  I don't know what the problem is, so hopefully someone here can give me direction...


      On Friday afternoon, the computer just goes into hibernation/sleep/something.  (Running Windows XP Pro 3) The little green light on the front of the computer is lit, but tapping a key or rattling the mouse does no good.  I push the off button on the computer and it immediately shuts down.  This has been happening since Friday, and I did not download anything, nor did I add any hardware or software.  (Windows did update a program called Power Cell) The temperatures seem a little on the high side, but nothing really alarming and I'm no computer expert anyway, so would probably not know if they were causing the problem.  The case does seem very hot to me over the processor/power supply area.  (I have a CoolMax Intel Pentium dual core).


      I did not have the Integrated management facilty installed, but have installed it yesterday.  I did receive 2 messages that the 3.3 volts was BELOW the minimum levels.  Does the system need a new battery?  Also, the rear fan is not recognized, but I can't tell if it is hooked into the board or just the power supply.  I disconnected a new dual layer DVD recorder that was installed 3 weeks ago, and that made no difference. I also disconnected a new WD640 gig SATA hard drive that was also installed 3 weeks ago.  None of this has made any difference.  The system is still going into this suspended state every 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  I can't even keep it running long enough to back up everything on my system!


      Anyone having similar problems?  Can anyone offer me some help?