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    Intel i7 Heat Issues






      I recently got my hands on the Intel i7 930, after installing it along with new ram (Corsair Dominator GT @ 1600mhz) and motherboard (Gigabyte GA X58 UD9) i noticed whilst in the bios that temps were quite high (55-60 degrees C) being unfamiliar with this 1366 chipset (previously i had a q6600) i am slightly concerned, i remounted the stock fan, reapplied new thermal grease, updated drivers and set fan speeds to maximum via the bios, this has had no effect at all, rather the temps have risen, now averaging 60+. Ambient temps are not a problem as the room sits at roughly 22 degrees, and the case is certainly not crowded (Lian Li pc-p80).


      Please help i am at my wits end, to counter this heat i have ordered a Corsair h50 until i manage to scrape together enough for a proper liquid cooling system. However i do not expect the cooler to arrive for 2 weeks!