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    INTEL DX58SO processor led off


      Hi everybody,

      when I plug the psu on, the processor leds (the two red) on the mobo don't works..

      I'have tried to plug off the 8 pin mobo connnectors, and  the processor led works, but the mobo dont start..


      If somebody could help me..


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          If they are RED you have a overvolt problem>.??

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            Do you have the 4 pin plug , pulged in the molenx ??

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              yes I plugged the atx 12V 8 pin and the led don work..

              if it is an overvolt probelem there nothing I can do?

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                I've just had this rig up and running for a week now, and a couple of interesting "issues" are being addressed here, so I thought I would, after much lurking in the shadows, finally create an account.

                I know that my old d975xbx2 would give red led if it was undervolted, or overheating. I can on my x58so see the one green led, but not the other by the cpu as my heatsink/fan blocks it out, I assume it is green as well.

                The part that peaked my interest, is the molex and sata connectors on the board, I have tried to glean info about this from microsoft sites and every forum google lists the smackover in.

                I'm running a 4870 card and a 700w Seasonic psu, and from what gathered was that in this situation the connection is not requiered on the motherboard.

                Just wondering why in this case you brought it up? And should I have one or the other plugged in?

                One thing about the xbx2 was the forum about it on extremesystems, It was long but there was a ton of info in there. Wish there was a forum like that one for the dx58so.




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                  The 4 pin molenx should be pluged in on the board it supplies power to the graphics SYS. External cards, so yes plug it in . Also plug in the SATA plug.