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    RAID0 volume marked as not bootable


      Hi, I just installed my new Intel board DX58SO. I have 3 HDD with 2TB each connected to it. After I configured those 3 HDD in RAID0 (stripe), the new Volume0 with 5.4TB created is listed as not bootable.

      If you create one small (less than 1.8TB) volume and one larger (more than 3.6TB), the first volume is listed as bootable and the second one as not bootable.

      Where is UEFI boot supported here? For partition larger than 2TB?

      I just chated with Aldy on Intel support but no result. I's sure this is a BIOS bug. Does anyone encouter this situation?

      I intend to return the board if this is not fixed. I payed for a board with UEFI boot support...or not?

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          What OS are you using?are you using MBR or GPT?

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            Thanks for your question, but this is not a matter of Operating System. before any Operating System you have to prepare the BIOS and RAID if necessary...Then install one OS (Win, Linux or Solaris). This is the question: How Intel is managing bigger HDD on the market today with a buggy BIOS?

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              although there may be a limitation with the matrix storage (not sure), but i do believe it possible to have a raid with more than 2tb using GPT.

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                yes it is possible to have RAID with more than 2 TB but not bootable..

                I think I didn't make myself clear...sorry. Before installing one OS, you have to prepare the place to install that OS. I mean you chose MB, processor, memory, HDD...video and other stuff. In may case I did choose Intel board DX58SO with the RAID capabilities and "UEFI enable" option in BIOS setup.

                So power on, CTRL+I to enter RAID setup. Choose disks, create volume .... and at the end under "Bootable" label is written a big "No". Why?

                After several tests it's proved that is a limitation between volume size and the ability to boot from that volume. This shouldn't be for the EFI (UEFI) enabled computers, or I'm wrong? On EFI computers you must be able to boot from GPT partitions bigger than 2TB.