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    Core i5 750 temps too high

      Hi there,


      I got a core i5 750 cpu 9 months ago but recently ive noticed the temps are going very high. i havent OC'ed my system.. its on default settings..


      when i game the cpu touches 85c degrees with barely abt 2 mins of gaming. I havent cheked how high it goes if i game for hours.. The CPU idles at 50c degrees. if the CPU is running at full speed that is at 2.7Ghz, the CPU is at 75c degrees.. it was never this high before.. if i remember correctly it would idle at 35c degrees and while using it normally would be at 50c degrees and while gaming i think it used to be somewhere between 60-75c degrees.. i dont remember it exactly..


      the reason why i checked my cpu temp is because i notice it stutters very little in games at times, mostly somwhere in the beggining.. its not completely smooth or quick in responsiveness like it used to be..


      can someone help me out here, why the sudden increase in temps? should the temps be that high? has the thermal paste on the cpu dried up completely? should i add more?


      pls give me a human answer, dont give me a link to somewhere else.. plss..