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    Solution to? Unable to use the native resolution of some displays. GMA45 Intel Express Chip Series 4

      Link to fix this, http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-030332.htm

      Have tried playing around with the driver to correct the native resolution of my lcd screen. (ie: get rid of the 1 inch black border)

      I am using windows 7, connecting my laptop through HDMI to a 23 inch Philips widescreen LCD.

      After many attempts to fix it and installing the specified driver (which did not work) and then reinstalling the intel generic driver (which also didnt work).

      I have come up with a (temporary solution?) solution to fix it. If you go under intels graphics properties and select display>general settings> look for horizontal scaling and vertical scaling. On mine it is set at 0 for both. Solution was to get rid of black borders set those two values to 100 for both.

      This got rid of black borders. Hope this helps some people, it worked for me.