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    Core I3 MKV freeze


      I recently bought a HP laptop with a Core I3 processor to play my 1080p MKV files, my cpu usage is nice and low with around 4% on my 1080p files, however every now and then the video will stop for a second or so, or glitch with the sound still playing then come back again. I use Media player classic homecinema edition. I have seen this mentioned on other forums does anyone know of a fix I am on the latest Intel drivers?

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          I still have this problem now and again, I was just watching a program that was around 45 minutes long, at around 37 minutes I got the 3 second freeze and then back to normal. I am on the power plan for my Laptop so everything is working full power including the processor. After the freeze the video playys back fine and if I go back to the same place in the video it will play back fine, no skips. I can still hear the audio when the video skips and it seems to be random.


          What is causing this to happen?


          It doesn't seem to do this everytime, random stuff

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            Could this be a problem with the Graphics driver, Wireless Driver, or is it more likely to be software related.


            I am wondering if it is a memory leak or something that is happening with the graphics driver?


            What is most likely to cause 3 second spikes?