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    I7 980x which are good temperatures?




      before 3 days I bought my new gaming computer, with an Intel I7 980x.

      I am using the Corsair H50 watercooling.

      I thought there will be very good temperatures but their not.

      In idle the CPU temperature is around 36-38°C and while gaming at 55-58°C.

      The CPU is not overclocked because 3,33ghz with turbo mode is enough for me.

      So it is running at 3,33ghz and sometimes at 3,46 because of turbo mode.


      Is 55-58°C much for the 980x CPU ? 

      Because I really don't want to damage anything, well the CPU is very expensive.

      At the Corsair forums they told me 38°C is like 29-32°C at the Dual Cores.

      And they told me I am in the green sector if the CPU doesn' brake 70°C.


      is this true? Or is 55-58°C to hot?



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          If the temperature stays in the stated range during the whole gaming session, it should be alright.

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            Ok and what do you think which temperature I shouldn't break?

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              Hi, first of all you have nothing to worry about.

              The 980x can go quitew a lot higher than that, and more than the 70 as well.

              A few things to note, each individual CPU has  a diff temp range, even identical CPUs. You will only know the max temp of your CPU by ovcerheating it and getting it to start throttling (slowing itself down) which brings me on to the next point, it is extremely hard, near impossble, nowadays to break an Intel CPU through overheating, they will start slowing down, and then if they continue to get hot tehy will hsut down to prevent damage.

              The last point to make is, lets say you test and you cpu shuts down at 98, and then for the next 2 years you run teh CPU 24/7 at 95 degrees, then you will shorten the life of you CPU, by how much i could not say...

              So in teh end, you really have nothign to worry about, your temps are good.

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                Thanks for the help!

                Now I can play without beeing scarred about the temperature.

                Well the CPU doesn't break the 65°C range at the moment.


                Have a nice day!