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    SCCM SP1 Out of Band Mgmt AMT Client Settings



      We are deploying a lot of new clients. Dell hasn't out a AMT 3.2 version yet on their clients wich is required for SCCM Out of Band Mgmt. So we can't test the integration with SCCM SP1 Beta.



      We must order the clients now and don't know the required AMT Client Settings. We want to set all the settings by our OEM (Dell) before the hardware delivery.



      We have an internal Microsoft Enterprise Root CA. We want to use Remote Configuration. When not required we want to use internal certificates and not official certificates.



      What settings are required in the AMT Bios that we can automatically integrate our clients to SCCM SP1 Out of Band Mgmt?



      Do we need to import the Root CA from our internal MS Enterprise Root CA on the AMT Clients or can we do this over Remote Configuration? Are any other settings requires? (Passwords, Ent. Mode, Provision Server)



      Thanks and best regards



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