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    Intel Desktop Board with power switching problem.


      I have an intel desktop board which has a problem of switching ON the power.I have traced well on the board and I have been able to locate the power switch jumper but it does not switch on.Any help?

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          When you try to turn the computer on look at the mother board and see it you see any green lights blink or light up at all ??

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            Yes, I see a green light on the board but if I try to switch it on it does not.I will try and get you the serial number of the board in my next mail.Currently am reading the jumpers on the board to see whether there is a power jmper disabled somewhere. I will try and get back to you latest by tomorrow 24th August,2010.If you can also get the manual of the baord I will be very happy.


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              The motherboard serial number is D845EPI / D845GVSR.

              Hopping to hear from you.

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                Unlikely But possible check if there is a jumper on the chassis intrusion jumper if it's there remove it.

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                  Hey there.

                  There is a set of wire (2 wires) that are connected from the front power switch to the power jumper on board. By powering on, all you do is virtually short these jumpers.

                  Try this

                  1-Check if those wires are connected in proper configuration and are not loose.

                  2-If above is done, Swap your SMPS and check. If SMPS is faulty, the LED on motherboard will glow but SMPS will not power itself on, and the SMPS fan wont spin.


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                    If you have made recent changes of cards or drives, the system is probably not seeing your hard drive.  Record your BIOS settings, then remove the CMOS battery for at least 5 minutes.  Change your BIOS to your previous settings if the system boots.  Read the intel page on boot problems first since a BIOS recovery may be needed.

                    If power is not working at all the power good signal from the power supply can prevent bootup.  This should be about 5V the gray wire on the 24 pin cable.  I don't have any cases that make it easy to replace the power on wire of the front panel.

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                      The CMOS battery has been removed down for almost a year now,but still if I should fixed back the CMOS battery power still does not come.I sometimes even clear the BIOS jumper to see whether I could get power but still power does not come. But from my reading of jumpers on the board,all jumpers are audio configurable jumpers.None is talking about video jumper, power jumper or something of that nature.I have not also seen any physical damage on the motherboard.But I have a question:Can super glue cause the power to fail to come?Because where the heat sink sits on the board, it was not fixed when the board was sold to me.So,I look for one without the lockets,so I use super glue to mend it to the board so that the heat sink can sit on it and the processor fan can hold it firmly.I dont know something of that nature can caused that.I have been working on this problem for almost a year now.But I have not given up yet, am still working on it seriously every day.Let me hear back from you.


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                        That is great of you.But by the way how do I swap my SMPS and how will I be able to know that my SMPS is faulty?I am seriously workin g on the board day-in-day-out.


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                          Try these steps in sequence

                          1)Disconnect and remove every wire that is connecting on the baord. (Everything from back pannel too)

                          2)Remove all Add on cards (If any); Remove all RAM sticks. DO NOT REMOVE THE PROCESSOR AND FAN FORM THE BOARD.

                          3)Remove all the wires of SMPS that are connected to device.

                          4) Remove the SMPS from cabinet.

                          5)Remove the Motherboard from the cabinet.

                          6)Mount the RAM on the board.

                          7)Connect the SMPS's 24Pin onto the board.(The 4Pin processor fan power wire would be already connected since we dint reomove the fan. Recheck this 4 pin for loose connection though)

                          8)Connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse to the board (While the board is still out on a flat surface)

                          9)Short the two power jumpers (See technical product specification for what jumpers are called power jumpers) with head of a screwdriver.

                          10)See if your system starts (Processor fan rotates) and if you are gettin display



                          I am asking you to try assembling system outside canbinet, because sometimes there might be a case wherein board or any portion of board touches the metal inside cabinet and considerable power is lost through that. This will lead to an impure electric signal. The internal Saftey Featured IC will not allow system to power on if electric signal is bad, since this could cause physical damage (burning) of components of board.


                          Also, if its possible, just get another SMPS (of your friend or somone) and check with that SMPS too while you have assembled the system outside the cabinet. There is no explicit way of checking SMPS. This swapping method is the best for end users !


                          Lemme know what happens den




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                            Its was nice hearing from you.But still my problem is not solved yet.I have tried two different pentium four power supplies,but still the power does not come.You will only just see the green light on the board but if you try to switch it on the CPU fan does not rotates.I taught the fan on the CPU was faulty  and I added another fan because the board has chasis fan and front fan too,but none of these fans rotates when I switched it on.But currently, am still reading to see what is happening about the problem.


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