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    Missing drivers/chipset wont install


      I got a virus on my computer and after trying to remove it failed i had to wipe the computer, when i restored the computer every thing seemed to be working perfectley until i tried to play my games thats when i realised i was missing certain drivers so i checked my device manager and saw a bunch of items in other devices with yellow exclamation marks next to them.

      The items are

      • Audio device on high definition Audio bus
      • Ethernet Controller
      • SM Bus controller
      • Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

      Ive looked around my computer and i found my drivers but they cant be installed because they cant find drivers for my computer.

      acter checing the read me again it told me to install the chipset first so i did that or at least tried beacause the chipset wont install for some reason.

      The chipset is Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/PM/GMS/910GML version

      what should i do?