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    Blank screen on Intel Storage Manager 8.9 and 8.8


      I recently installed a new copy of windows xp professional on a new sata drive.  I made the mistake of installing 8.9 and experienced the random drive failures.  While trying to figure out the problem, I discovered a more interesting one:  I couldn't display any of the RAID information inside of the Matrix Storage Manager.


      I downgraded to version 8.8 of the driver and the console, but still a blank screen.  Running reports provide accurate info, but no ability to manage.


      I then rebooted to the old Windows install and was able to pull up all of the relevant information, flag the "bad" drive as good, and start my rebuild.


      Version of ROM: ICH8R with Raid 5

      Version of working console:


      Some of my questions/thoughts:

      Do I / Should I upgrade the ROM version of the controller (imagine a bios upgrade?) to get this in sync?

      Any one know where to find a version 6 Intel Storage Console?

      Any ideas on how to solve the display issue?


      Much thanks!