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    DX58SO USB problem-they stop working!


      I recently had an issue with the DX58SO where the computer would constantly lock up. I've replaced the hard drive and power supply and now the computer is functioning without any problem, except for one. The computer will continue running, everything is fine. No beeps, the screen saver still moves, and everything. BUT, no USB devices work. Mouse is unresponsive, keyboard is unresponsive, USB wireless adapter suddenly "loses connection", USB speakers no longer work, external hard drives same thing.


      Is there a known issue with this motherboard that stops it from recognizing USB devices for some reason? I also have a SATA port on the side of my case, and it seems to mostly happen when I have stuff plugged into it, but has happened otherwise. Usually its when it has gone to sleep and I "wake" it up, it'll "wake up" and then my USB devices no longer work. I do have the latest BIOS as well.

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          1. On your Windows* device manager, expand the Universal Serial Bus controller option and then proceed to uninstall every single USB device by right clicking on them and selecting the uninstall option, then reboot your system and let Windows* install the USB devices by itself and then test your USB ports.


          2. Take the system out of the chassis in a non-conductive surface and disconnect the front panel USB to avoid any short. Please follow the integration guide in the following link:



          3. Remove any non-essential components from the board that might cause a conflict, for instance optical drives and external cards such as NICs, Sound cards, etc.


          4. If the problem persists, clear the CMOS by removing the battery and power supply for about 45 minutes and then connect them again and check the behavior.


          5. Finally back your information and then try a clean installation of your operating system following the critical driver installation order. The driver installation order is one of the most crucial issues when talking about overall platform performance. This is especially true for Intel(R) chipsets. The most critical step in the installation order is to install the Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility first before all other drivers. The correct driver installation order is as follows:


          a)  Fresh Operating System Installation
          b)  Latest Service Pack or Patch
          c)  Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility (INF Utility)

          d) Rest of the drivers