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    Troubles with a DP55SB


      Hello All,

      I have been having some issues with a new build that I have just built. As this is my first Intel based setup and I am not completely familiar with Intel structure. It is hard for me to determine the cause of this problem.  First off I am using the DP55SB (BIOS 5531) with a i7-870 and 4 gigs of g.skill RipJaws (2x 2g), Intel SSD 80 g1, Win 7 ultimate 64, 2x Nvidia 460 in Sli and a PSU 850w.



      The Problem.

      Very randomly and inconsistently I have been getting 2 differnt stop errors memory_management( 0X01a) and BAD_POOL_HEADER. So far i have been unable to force the errors to happen they just are completly random. Both errors will happen while system is in use or just sitting at the desktop. Other things i have noticed is that under heavy load (both processor and graphics intense) i will see miss rendering (i.e Objects deformed from the correct shape and/or missing in whole).  Also Windows aero will at random turn it self off and then re-enable it self as if it is detecting hard ware requirement changes.



      I have verified that the memory is good tested it in 2 different system running memtest on each system with out any errors (ran 9 hours on each system).

      Removing a single GFX card did help with some of the rendering issues but not completly.

      I have ran max load stress test at both dos and the windows level both have passed. (however upon stopping the test one of the times in windows the system blue screened)

      Have ran the system with a single 2g stick of ram and still saw all of the above errors. I have also ran the memory at 1066, 1333, 1600 it made no difference.

      I have not touched any of the CPU setting other than disabling speed stepping thinking that the throttling of the processor was causing some issues.



      Since i do not have access to a extra motherboard or CPU i have not tested those. I have ran CPU test and they have not failed so far.



      So my thoughts are that this is either a bus issue or memory controller. I know that the memory controller is on the CPU, so I'm not sure if its the CPU or the motherboard. Or perhaps a known issue with this board or bios rev.


      If anyone has some input that can help me figure this out i would appreciate it!


      Thank you for the time to look this over.


      Larry J

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          I do get random reboots and the memory management error message for my system. I found out that this is due to incompatibility with the ram voltage setting in the bios and the ram voltage requirements of the ram itself. Setting the bios properly corrects the problem. This is one option. The other option is to use Intel's tested rams.

          Haven't encountered the other problems you stated. But try solving one problem at a time. Also you could try using one video card first until you have solve the problem.