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    OCPTS - does anyone else have issues?


      I have been trying for 3 weeks to get some traction with Intel over a failed 5000VSA motherboad (under warranty).

      I am an Intel Associate Partner, but that no longer seems to be of any value.


      Some months back the board failed - I was unable to log a case in OCPTS - contacted them via email several times - no response.

      After several weeks, wrote to one of the APAC managers - who got my contact/account manager to ring me and eventually  - after 6 weeks (no exageration...) I finally got my Priority Replacement board. It was put to one side as I had actually had to buy a new board due to the time frame (and it was my Prod web server).


      Building a new server recently, I installed the replacement board - no POST (let alone boot up...)


      Back to OCPTS - unable to log case as the browser crashes (IE 8) when you hit submit.


      After 3 weeks and many increasingly terse emails, I still have no replacement board - the last comment from the "warranty support specialist" was that the case was closed as "it was a matter for my internet provider" (I am not joking...) after I mentioned the possibility it may be an IE 8 issue (with OCPTS - not the motherboard!).


      What is going on with Intel????


      Before all these so called "new and improved programs", the odd time I used one of my priority replacement entitlements, the part arrived the next day.


      Now I am fighting to get a case accepted after 3 weeks...


      Has anyone else seen this kind of deterioration?