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        I think I have a similar problem. I just installed additional RAM (Kingston 1GB 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM). I already had a similar 1GB RAM (Transcend 533 DDR2). I am on a Dual Core Intel Pentium D 950 3.4Ghz on a Intel D102GGC2 motherboard. Though my comp recognizes both RAMs if installed individually, it does not recognise both when installed together as 2 GB. Can anyone help?

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          i cant get the ram work i have this ram

          Corsair (CMX4GX3M2A1600C9)(2 x 2GB) like i see it has all the specifications that need to work with the DP43BF

          i keep the three beeps ..

          how can i fix it

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            Tom Church

            Hello, Today i finished building my PC and when i booted the computer up for the first time it didn't boot instead it made 3 short beeps over and over again. i have a Intel DP43BF Board with 4GB PNY Ram PLEASE HELP!

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              Dear All.

              I just solved same issues. You need 25 minutes, USB Flash, temporary DIMM low size 1Gbit chips and patience. See below how.


              1. According to [ Intel� Desktop Board DP43BF — System memory ] MB supports 4Gb DIMM with 8 chips + 8 chips in 2 sides in total ( 2 Gbit per chip).

              2. THE REALITY is that according to [ http://downloadmirror.intel.com/19694/eng/RK_0088_ReleaseNotes.pdf ] it works ONLY SINCE THe MOSt FRESH BIOS version 0088 - "Added memory support for DIMMs with 2Gbit SDRAM density".

              3. As result in case your BIOS is older than 0088 - you will not be able EVEN TO RUN SETUP of your PC with 4GB DIMM - you will always hear 3 BIP-BIP-BIP. The TRAP 1 from INTEL.

              4. Second TRAP 2 is that in case your version of BIOS is lower than 0085 - you will never be able to update your BIOS to 0088 - so, you must update 2 steps - first to 0085 and then to 0088.

              5. Third TRAP 3 is that you will not be able to update BIOS from USB Flash even in case you will switch on "USB Update F7 prompt" in BIOS unless you will ensure that your USB Flash stick is formatted FAT32.



              1. Find at least one DIMM DDR3 where you have 1 Gbit chips. Examples:

                     2Gb with 8 chips + 8 chips (in total 16 chips in 2 sides of DIMM)


                     1Gb with 8 chips in one side only.    

                 Put given DIMM into your DB42BF and run it. BINGO. It works! But please follow next item.


              2. Immediately press F2 and keep it pressed intil you will enter to BIOS Setup.

              3. You will see there the BOIS version like RKG4310H.86A.0070.2010.0212.1856 -
                   Here you see 0070 < 0088 = your BIOS doe snot uspport 4 Gb DIMM at all!

              4. In separate PC download BIOS 0088 and BIOS 0085 ( in case you have BIOS lower than 0085).

                  Download area for selection: Download Center . You need BIO file like RK0088P.BIO

              5. In separate PC also prepare USB Flash by formatting it into FAT32 (all data will be lost) in case yo udo not have it already with such type of filesystem.

              6. Put 1 or 2 BIO files into given USb Flash stick.

              7. In DP42BF BIOS Setup screen find in Advanced menu the "USB Update F7 Prompt" and set to ENABLE.

              8. Insert USB Flash stick with BIO file(s) into USB socket of DP43BF.

              9. Save and Exit BIOS setup.

              10. Press F7 and keep it pressed until you will see the UPDATE dialogue.

              11. In case your BIOS is lower than 0085 - first select it for update and pass the update, then repeat again the F7 and update for 0088.

              12. Now switch off PC. Remove temporary memory. Insert 4Gb memory DIMM(s). Run PC - BINGO - it works.


              Little more happiness: your MB now supports even 16 GB (they forgot to mention it in specification as well).


              Enjoy using INTEL - I just battled, discovered and passed all above nighmare myself. Successfull.

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                Tom Church

                Mark, Great Idea the only problem is i can't seem to find any of the following ram your talked about in #1 can you please find a link to some on amazon?

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                  Tom Church - Do you still need some RAM?  I just upgraded the BIOS on my DP43BF.  I don't know if selling my old stick is allowed on this board, or lending it, or whatever.  Let me know if you still need to upgrade.

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                    I had the same issue with my 43BF.  It just comes down to the fact you will need ram with chips on both sides of the sticks. The ram makers are making most of the DDR 3 ram with single sided sticks now.  Some have not even updated their own specs such as corsair and kingston and they are still listing some models as double sided when they are not.  I tried 3 different kinds like that, with false descriptions, ended up getting the cheap single sided high density chips that cause the 3 beeps. I also failed with a single sided 1gb stick.

                    What really irritates me is that ram makers are making most of their ram like that now and putting double sided heat shields/sinks on them even though they have to put some sort of filler on the side with no chips.

                    I gave up on new and scrounged used ones on ebay and asked before buying if the sticks had chips on both sides. Got mine working with some old corsair XMS ram CM3X1024-1066C7.

                    You can tell the difference on these as they are much heavier with double sided thick chips compared to the common lightweight sticks with only one side of thin chips.  I recently found out that there are some double sided sticks in DDR 3 still on the market. One vendor still has some on hand.  Directron has some Patriot brand models available PSD34G1333KH (set of two, 2 X 2GB).  I just installed them and they work like a charm. My 43BF (with it's original BIOS) automatically runs them at 1333 (667mhz in dual channel).  I don't know why anyone would ever need more than 8gb of ram so I not going to risk updating my Bios.  The one set of the new Patriot ram seems to be running a little faster and cooler than the 4 old corsair 1Gb sticks did.


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                      Thank you Mark this solved my problem.

                      I just wanted to let everyone know that I successfully updated my BIOS version from 70 to 85 and then 88 and then was able to use my new Kingston RAM (4 x 2GB). Kingston RAM serial number is KVR1333D3S8N9K2/4G (2 pcs) x 2 boxes.


                      I also had 8GB (4 x 2GB) of Kingston RAM KVR1066D3S8N7K2/4G which also worked after the bios update. I ended up using the KVR1333 due to the higher memory clock speed.

                      Note both of these memory sets did not work on my DP43BF motherboard prior to the bios update.

                      Originally my motherboard was on bios version 70.

                      Now it uses bios version 88.


                      PS. I might get brave and try 4 x 4GB modules and try and get to 16GB.

                      Will let you know how that goes!



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                        Yes I am now up and running with 16GB, after the BIOS updates.

                        The RAM I used is Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G.


                        Thanks again Mark.




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                          Hi Bikerdude,

                          Ineed some RAM to upgrade the BIOS on my DP43BF. Do you still have your old stick?  Let me know if you still have it or exactly what can work. I cannot even check my BIOS version. I'm not able to find any RAM working (4 trials already)

                          Thanks in advance!


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