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        Sabariacet: Ignoring your questions since they are mostly inappropriate to the issue.


        Everyone else: I did call Crucial today.  Their explanation is that the DIMMs I received (and presumably Tyler06 received) are populated with 2 Gbit components but the Intel P43 chipset on this board only supports 1 Gbit components.  The solution they offered me was the same as Tyler06; I can exchange my DIMMs for lower density DIMMs.  Crucial does not make any distinction on their product numbers between high-density and low-density DIMMs.  You just get what you get from the vendor's inventory.


        This explanation somewhat contradicts what Intel says about memory support on this motherboard.  This list of supported memory configurations explicitly states that 2 Gbit components are supported : http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp43bf/sb/CS-031268.htm


        On a related note, I found another user posting a complaint on the Crucial website that the memory they purchased didn't work in their DP43BF motherboard.  That user fixed the problem by replacing the Crucial memory with Kingston memory.

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          Receiving the 3 beep code already tells us that there is something wrong with the ram. And most reasons is incompatibility of ram with Intel's board. The fastest solution is replacement with Intels tested ram. This is repeated in most of the postings in the forum.


          So what happen now to the statement: "I used the Crucial memory finder....to make sure that this memory matched this board-and it does"?


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            D Jones- I'm interpreting what you are saying as they said 2 gigabytes/DIMM is too much? meaning the board can only take a total of 4 gigs of ram (4 sticks 1 gig each?) or am i miss interpreting that?  If I am misinterpreting that what do you mean by 2 Gbit components? 


            Sabariacet- what are you talking about?  that has nothing to do with any of this



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              Tylerl06: Assuming Crucial is correct, then the issue is chip (aka component) density not DIMM density.


              Take a single 1 GByte DIMM for example.  One byte = 8 bits, so 1 GByte = 8 Gbit.  There are at least two ways you can build this 8 Gbit DIMM.  You could build it by using 4x 2 Gbit memory chips, or you could build it with 8x 1Gbit memory chips, or you could even build it with 16x 512Mbit memory chips.


              Crucial (like many memory remarketers) sells their memory kits by size and interface standard but not by underlying technology.  You order a PC3-10600 4GB kit 2 DIMM kit, but you don't get to typically control what density chips will be on those DIMMs.


              So, in part, I blame Crucial for this mistake.  I was once an engineer at one of the largest computer makers in the world.  Our rule was that if there was *any* change in "form, fit, or function" then there had to be a new orderable part number.  Micron/Crucial clearly understands that the density makes a difference in the part numbers they put on the DIMMs themselves, but they don't acknowledge that difference by providing a different orderable part number.


              Boyet: "The fastest solution is replacement with Intels tested ram. This is repeated in most of the postings in the forum."


              This is not useful advice. Intel has not posted a list of tested memory for the DP43BF motherboard. CMTL, who tests memory for Intel, has not posted test results for the DP43BF motherboard. Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears there is no official Intel list of memory that works on this motherboard.


              I am currently unconvinced as to whether or not the DP43BF motherboard supports 2Gbit memory density.  The link at < http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp43bf/sb/CS-031268.htm > says that it does.  But I note that the related DP43TF motherboard does not support 2Gbit memory density according to the link at < http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp43tf/sb/CS-029150.htm >.


              I wrote above that I don't agree with Crucial's practice of not having unique ordering part numbers if there is underlying functional difference (like density) between the parts.  But I suspect that the Crucial memory configurator is relying on Intel correctly representing the capability of the DP43BF motherboard.  If the DP43BF turns out to *not* support 2 Gbit devices then Intel must take part of the blame for writing that it does in their documentation.  Although, in my years working with engineering counterparts at Intel, I always found them to be very detail oriented.  It seems hard for me to believe that a major error, like what memory technology is supported, would creep into the documentation by mistake.

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                Hi everyone-

                I received the new RAM from crucial today.  I installed it and it worked perfectly.  The problem was the 8 vs 16 chip/module issue.  This board apparently only supports 16 chips.  Thanks for everyone who helped- and to those of you who are having this issue- just send in your RAM to crucial and they will send you back the 16 chip version and it will all resolve.




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                  Tylerl06: That's good news.


                  To clarify to anyone else; it isn't "8 chips vs 16 chips", but it is "1 Gbit chip vs 2 Gbit chips".  I have some 4 chip 1 Gbyte DIMMs that don't work.  Hypothetically replacing them with 8 chip DIMMs will.


                  Not sure if this is Intel or Crucial's mistake, but glad to know the path to fix it is understood.

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                    tylerl06,  Do you have the Crucial part numbers that worked with your board.  I am having the same problem and after trying GSkill, and Corsair memory, I would like to get something that works.  Thanks.

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                      Having same problem.  Problem may be that board is not accepting 2Gbit based RAM.

                      Intel's board specific support page lists 2GB sticks double sided with 1Gbit and 16 chip

                      Also 2GB sticks single sided with 2Gbit and 8 chip.  I have the second one and it does not work.

                      I am going to try 1Gbit based mem next.

                      It seems the board is not supporting the specified range of mem.  I wonder if its a BIOS version or default issue.

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                        I ended up purchasing Patriot PDC34G1333ELK DIMMS and it worked.  However, through researching, I believe Kingston KVR1066D3N7K2/4G or KVR1066D3N7K2/2G will work too.  The local store didn't have the Kingston chips in stock, but they found that the Patriot chips were compatible.  Hope this helps.

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                          Marcanthonyj:  In the end, it was the memory density that resolved it for me.  This motherboard does not support 2Gbit components.  Go to DIMMs with 1Gbit components and you will be fine.


                          Intel's documentation on this board is wrong.


                          If you order direct from a Crucial operator you can specify the density you need.  If you just order from a reseller then it is the luck of the draw.

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                            D Jones,


                            Thank you.  Totally agree.

                            I went to the store and it is very hard to pick out the right memory.  The packaging obscures the view of the chip count.

                            (if it is a matrix, then 1GBit will cause 16 chips on 2GB, 8 on 1GB and 4 on 512MB).

                            I ended up with PNY MD2048SD3 by virtue of the packaging letting me see that the DIMM was double sided.

                            This memory is working.  Yesterday I was on the phone with my vendor and Intel.  They are supposed to get back to me.


                            I fouind the term density a little confusing because it could define opposing results of memory per chip or chips per DIMM.

                            It's probably an established meaning but I hadn't dealt with it before.   I know its a 1Gbit vs 2Gbit issue, but to look at a DIMM to decide I had to use chip count.


                            Thank you all for the help.

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                              I found help on Crucial, Kingston, web sites where they list memory tested on the DP43BF.

                              All of the memory except my PNY is PC3 8500.  The PNY is PC3 10666.

                              The common thread I can find between them seems to be the CAS latency.

                              All the PC3 8500 DIMMS were CL 7.  The PNY DIMM was CL8.

                              My non-working memory was CL9.

                              The chips were mostly 128X64 but a couple are 256X64.


                              This is my first time going through this and I have built a lot of PC's.

                              I guess from now on I will check memory sites before buying.

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                                Having experienced the same issue (and also feeling a little cross-eyed from some lack of sleep trying to fix it!!) I wanted to say thanks for the info on this thread. Once I saw the 2x2Gb 1333 modules  boot  problem, I tried a 1xGb 1066 Kingston module I had lying around for a different PC, which worked.

                                I contacted Intel and they said that the DP43BF board does not natively support 1333 type RAM, and pointed me to the m/b specs which state:

                                • Non-ECC, 1.35 - 1.65 V, DDR3 1333(OC)/1066/800 MHz memory
                                • I don't know how to OverClock RAM but basically I'm guessing in order to get 1333 type RAM working on this motherboard, first you need to install 1066 then modify the BIOS to "OC" the RAM, then reinstall the 1333 modules. This is a pure guess but would be interesting to see if this works.
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                                  Experiencing the same issue with:

                                  DP43BF Rev. E78171-303 board,

                                  Pentium Dual Core E6600 CPU, and

                                  pair of 2Gb Samsung 1Rx8 PC3-10600U-09-10-A0 M378B5773CH0-CH9 Comp/2Gb C-die DIMMs;


                                  I believe that  memory should run at 1066 in this configuration (as in http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dg41tx/sb/CS-031405.htm#speed )

                                  Single side 2gb DIMMs are also supported by DP43BF (as in http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/dp43bf/sb/CS-031268.htm#dimms ).


                                  But I get 3 beeps instead. I have no option to check configuration with another memory, and wondering which I should try to return to retailer - MB or memory.

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                                    That memory is not compatible with that motherboard.  Neither is defective, they are just incompatible. You can return whichever you prefer and either get different memory or get a different model of motherboard.


                                    Your problem *is not* the memory speed.  It is the memory density.  You cannot run 2GB 1Rx8 in this motherboard.  If you want 2GB DIMMs then they have to be 16 chip DIMMs.


                                    Personally, I would return the memory to wherever you got it from and order the memory direct from Crucial by phone.  Make sure to tell the salesperson the exact model motherboard you have and make sure they are aware of the density issue.