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    What are the bindings suitable for automatic monitoring of RAID array status?


      I need to check the status of a RAID array on an Intel controller from my Windows application periodically (or be notified about a status change). Specifically, what I need is to find out whether a RAID 5 array is healthy or one of its disks is missing.


      Intel suggests to use a bunch of GUI applications (Intel Matrix Storage Management Console, Intel Rapid Storage Technology) to facilitate RAID array monitoring. However, what is needed is an automated way of accessing the status information.


      I tried starting raidcfg32 from within my application and then parsing its output, but it works only with one of servers my application need to monitor. On other servers raidcfg32 reports an ‘unsupported hardware’ error. I also tried CmdTool2, but it was unable to find the controller altogether.


      The controllers in question are: ESB2, 631xESB/632xESB.


      Is it really so that the only way of monitoring RAID status is via a GUI application? What approaches are used in enterprise deployments with tens of servers to do this programmatically? Any option is good, be it via WMI, a .NET or native API, console output parsing or whatever.