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    D510MO and z-U130 SSD as a boot drive??


      Has anyone got this combination working for Windows XP 64bit?? I can't get windows to boot from the SSD, it will complete the text part of the install but then i won't do the next stage of the GUI installation and bluescreens with a STOP 7B error. Is this just not possible to do? I only have the 4GB SSD so windows XP is the only option at the moment so trying to find out if this combination will actually work as a boot drive so I can run 2x SATA hard drives as a raid data store.


      Would a bigger SSD work with Windows 7, would like to know before buying another SSD if thats the next course of action.....


      Any help appreciated


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          I don't think  4 gigs is large enough to hold windows besides if you plain on adding anything else ?? At least 80gig , Most people are going for 128 gig I went for the intel 160 and am only using about half ,but I will add more programs later.

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            Finally figured it out - after 2 weeks of trying. Found a guide that updates the Windows XP files before install to move the USB drivers early in the setup, you have to extract and customise the USB.IN_ USBPORT.IN_ USBSTOR.IN_ and recompress them with the updated config so that windows loads the USB drivers and you can complete the installation.


            Took a while to install onto the SSD but once it got there its running fine (hurrah!!)


            The aim is now to run 2x 1TB drives as a software RAID (or hardware raid on the PCI slot) to have an "always on" resilient storage center at home. Windows XP 64bit too so should be well up for the task




            Edit: http://www.ngine.de/article/id/8 (link to the guide for USB boot)