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    Core i7-720 clock decreases dramatically


      hi, i got a 5-month-old hp dv6-series laptop with a i7-720 4G Nvi GT230M and windows 7 home premium. everything was fine when my i received my computer. untill last week, i found that my laptop lagged in "power saver" mode even when only listen to music(wtf, that is rediculous, such a "powerful" precessor cann't affort it?). i contact HP support, and do exactly what they told me to do, even restored to factory original setting ( hate to do that ) but all won't help at all.

      then i conduct a series test, and come up with some unsual data:

      environment: windows 7 home premium; used software: CPUID lastest release and lavalys everest lastest release

      when in "HP recommanded" (which is believed to be "balance") mode, the cpu has a clock speed 931 MHz (like half of 1.6 GHz, i didn't pay for this, right. and the first day i got the laptop, i used the same software to test the cpu and it returned with 1596 Mhz even in "power saver" mode)

      When in "power Saver" mode, at first the cpu clock speed mostly  stay at 931 MHz (sometime burst to 1100 MHz). when you do some heavy operation for a while, the cpu temperature reaches 75 C ( it is still quite under the max operation terperation (100 C)); and this is where the magic happens, the cpu clock speed dramatically drop to a extremely low range btwn 133 MHz and 266 MHz, every operation now lags. if then you switch back to "HP recommanded", it will back to 931 MHz, and sometime with a burst to 1700+ (but still not 1596 MHz and burst to 2500 + MHz). Switch back to "power saver" mode? i beg you don't want to do that, at least not now. and when the cpu temperture goes back down below 70 C, the clock speed will return to 931 MHz.


      and this is so far i got

      anyone can tell what is going on with my core i7?