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    HD Graphics 3D Rendering Peformance Problems with Second Life


      I just upgraded to a Lenovo T410 with Intel i5 520M (dual core)  with 4 GB RAM, XP Pro SP3, and HD Graphics with 128MB.  When attempting to run Second Life on the T410, 3D Rendering takes well over 3 seconds to show simple and alpha prims.  Turning off rendering alpha prims restores all of the expected performance to Second Life but significant parts of the current simulator disappears.


      Recently upgraded the HD Graphics software to and it didn't help at all..


      Need to know soonest what the best settings within Second Life and within the HD Graphics card to restore functionality of Second Life.


      For more information on this subject, please see http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-7072


      And no, don't tell me to go to Lenovo, the problem is the 3D Rendering within the HD Graphics onboard card.


      By the way, reporting a problem to Intel off-hours seems impossible to do.