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    Corrupt Video Stream on 1080i with i5-661 HD Graphics



      i have many problems with the ATI Graphic-Cards and decided to switch my Media-Center PC to Intel Graphics. It Solved my Problem with corrupt 720p Video Streams. It also worked great with DTS Master HD!

      But on Windows 7 Media Center LiveTV or Recordings in 1080i where there are black areas at top and bottom, the video gets corrupt. There are  Black boxes all over the Screen. On content with no black areas at top and bottom there is no Error and the content is displayed very nice!

      If i disable DXVA with this reg-keys:


      it works without any Problem. Has anybody an Idea?

      my Hardware/Software:

      • Asus P7H57D-V EVO

      • Intel Core i5-661
      • Windows 7 Ultimate 64
      • Intel Graphics Media Accelator Driver
      • Content is 1080i from german Sky Cinema HD Channel
      • Tuner: 2xDigitalDevices DVB-S2 Dual-Tuner Cards
      • PowerDVD10

      Thanks your DeathRaider