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    A client certificate for connecting with AMT could not be found



      I've  been working on remotely activating vPro on about 50 systems recently  purchased from Dell. I've purchased and installed a GoDaddy certificate  that matches the server name where the SCS console/service is installed.  I've verified with GoDaddy that the certificate is provisioned for  vPro, and that the certificate is installed in the Personal cert store  for the user running the Intel SCS service. Here's the event log:


      Date and time: 8/8/2010 6:00:33 PM
      Operation: Configuration
      Status: Failed
      Server name: server.domain.local
      User name: PSI\intrinium
      System UUID: 4C4C4544-0036-4C10-805A-B4C04F444E31
      System FQDN: workstation.domain.local
      Description:  Initial connection to Intel (R) AMT failed. Failed while calling Soap  call GetCoreVersion. AMT Connection Error 4037: The SSL handshake  failed: A client certificate for connecting with AMT could not be found,  error in discover 4037


      Here's my command:

      \\domain.local\DFSData\Software\AMTActivator\Activator.exe /destination server.domain.local /ADOU AMT_Devices /output console


      Any ideas on why this error is being logged? The certificate CN exactly matches the destination server name above.