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    Hi, I need a little info about Intel S5520HC Server Motherboard


      Hi Forum:


      I will buy a Intel S5520HC Server Motherboard - Intel Chipset SSI EEB - Socket B LGA-1366 - 96 GB DDR3 SDRAM - Serial ATA/300, but Im not sure about the case power supply that I need, 1000 Watts are fine or less?    and ... an EATX case is fine for this server board or do I need SSI EEB?  and I will use this microprocessor Intel Xeon DP Quad-core E5520 2.26GHz Processor - 2.26GHz - 5.86GT/s QPI - 8MB L3 - Socket B LGA-1366 if this help.

      Thanks is my first web server so I want to be so sure after doing something wrong. Regards.