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    DG43GT HDMI port disabled by PCIe 16x


      Hi all,

      First I thought that the integrated video driver was outdated and I downloaded: GFX_XP32_14.42.4.5273_PV_Intel.exe which matches the server description and the SO I have currently installed (Yeah 32.. I won't pay extra for the 64bit xp version.. don't ask ) Error message says: "The system doesn't match the minimum requisites to install this software" (this is not a literal quote I've translated it from spanish)


      But later on I found that according to section of the Intel® Desktop Board DG43GT Technical Product Specification manual the HDMI port is working as it was designed..
      I wish I knew it before I bought a very long and expensive HDMI extension cable for my TV as my PCIe board doesn't have  HDMI capabilities..

      The questions are:

      Can I bypass this and still use my HDMI Port?

      What's the deal of disabling it at all? I don't get it..

      Why I can't install the driver

      The specs for my computer can be viewed with this reference number: 0012 3610



      Thanks for your reply!