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    Intel 82810 Graphics Controller Issues


      I have a HP Pavilion 512n, chipset 810e with the 82810 Graphics Controller. I have been getting lines moving through the screen for about 4 months now, I have updated both the driver and the controller multiple times. The graphics/monitor port is integrated into the motherboard. Do I need to get a graphics card and install that or what? I have gotten conflicting opinions on this issues from techs I have talked to. I cannot afford to upgrade my system, and I do not like the 64bit systems you buy at the stores nowadays. Please advise me on this.


      The Problem is not constant, it is intermittent and sometimes not very noticable and sometimes it will last a few seconds. Reloading the driver/and controller tell me that i have the latest versions already installed and do I want to install an older version. I am running XP Home with SP2 as SP3 will not allow anykind of internet connection, no printer connection, no type connection but the power switch.