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    Need motherboard advice


      About a year ago I purchased the parts to build a computer to use for video editing. I am not a trained tech but know enough to assemble parts. I am a missionary working with Native American youth. We need this computer to edit & produce video for the community. Anyway, part of my build was an Intel DP45SG Motherboard. The computer has been unstable since the beginning and often it has shut down and rebooted for no apparent reason. After that it will not boot correctly with an error message saying it's missing a file: windows\system32\config\system. Bottom line is that I'm just tired of having to mess with this computer & reload windows. Over the past year all the research I've done on the problem leads me back to the mother board, it seems this is the worst product Intel has ever made.


      So my question is: Can anyone out there suggest the best motherboard for me to purchase that will be compatible with the components I have on this one, and will work well for video editing? I am thinking of upgrading my windows to Win7 64 bit if the componets I have will handle it. Please I need someones advise that knows what they're doing.  My current computer build is as follows:

      Operating System - Windows XP Pro SP3
      Chassis - Chieftec  Full Tower
      Power Supply -    Ultra X3 800W PSU QUAD
      Motherboard -    Intel DP45SG MB
      Processor  - Core 2 Quad Q9550 2.83 12M
      Memory - Corsair XMS3 2048MB PC10600    x4
      Hard Drive - 500GB 7200RPM 3G SATA II Hard Drive x3
      Optical Drive - Sony DRU-V200S 20X SATA DVD
      Storage Controller - Integrated Storage Controller
      Video - EVGA GEFORCE 9600GT 1GB PCI
      Audio - Intel® High Definition Audio


      Thanks in advance

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          The problems with the DG45ID I have seen have been milder than the DP45SG.  This may be due to more ambitious people but I avoided the SG even though I wanted a larger board.  Although I just bought another DG45ID it seems preferable to get an i3 or i5 compatible board.  A CPU with graphics is very handy.  The cheapest is moving components to a DG45ID but reading Intel's information about building and installation would be advised.  The video editing probably increases problems by several fold.

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            I'm affraid that $1,100 for a motherboard is a little out of our price range. And if you are saying that the problems are less serious that leads me to believe that problems still exist. Also the DG45ID uses DDR2 memory and the memory we have is DDR3 and the form factor is micro ATX instead of ATX. Any idea why this board is so expensive? I guess I need to keep looking

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              I'm not sure what you're saying so I'll leave it to others as you like.

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                I'm sorry, I checked on the availability of that motherboard at Global Computers, they were listing it at $1,107.00. It was obviously a misprint and was supposed to be $117.00. So that is what I was talking about. Anyway the form factor doesn't fit my case which is an ATX, not a microATX. The memory that is compatible with it is DDR2 instead of DDR3, so the motherboard just wouldn't work for me because I would need to buy so many other components.

                But thanks for your help

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                  I would sugest a DX48BT2 most of your componants will fit your RAM , CPU PSU and just about everything else , they can be had on Ebay new for about $220, it's the best 775 board intel ever built Bar none.

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                    it is fairly common to see missprints and the little I saw about your PS suggests a change may be in order.  At least get a surge protector.  Skip the UPS at that wattage and get a good Tripp-Lite.  The features may be duplicated but I still like them in the PS, such as over-current protection.  The x48 suggestion is good, particularly if you don't plan on changing the OS.

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                      go for a nvidia based board either evga or xfx 790i ultra sli.

                      it will work with your hardware 100% straight out of the box, i replaced my faulty dp45sg with a evga 790i ultra sli and havent had an issue with it at all. went threw 3 dp45sg as the ones i got as a rma replacement were both bad boards.

                      save yourself the trouble and headache and go with an evga board.

                      check out geeks.com they have some refurbished 790i boards for cheap, way cheaper then what they go for on ebay.

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                        Well If I had seen this post before I ordered an intel DX48BT2 I might have considered it (since I'm a little cautious of intel boards now), but I already ordered one, got it for $190 on ebay. I'm hoping it all works out good. The thing that really draws me to your post is that you are using your new board with no problems. Maybe you can answer some questions for me that I put in a new post titled "need help with a rebuild" in this forum. Thanks

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                          wow thats crazy $190. for that you should of had sold your cpu and bought a new i7 cpu and get a new motherboard that supports an i7 cpu.

                          good luck with that board. craigslist link to this one guy in encinitas that is selling the same board you got for like $130 obo.

                          after 3 faulty boards and lack of customer service and tech support i will pass on intel motherboards.



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                            I actually thought that a brand new MB in the original box with all the accessories that was a $300 board for $190 was a pretty good deal.


                            At any rate... Got the board, installed it, and everything is working fine. As a matter of fact everything seems to be working faster and better than it ever did with the old MB. And everything I had from the DP45SG fit perfectly in the DX48BT2. I feel Blessed.

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                              Robert Gifford

                              This DX48BT2 MB already feels much more stable than the old DP45SG MB did. All of the isoftware installs have gone great with out a hitch. Thanks for your help.

                              You had the correct answer but I didn't see a button to tell you so I dropped you a note

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                                Howard if you want to write me just hover over my ICON and my email is posted for all to see.

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                                  The post says answered but I don't know why Intel did not give me credit for the correct answer , But I am not here for fame and furtune just try to help people.

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                                    You should realy consider going to 8 gigs your board can take it , with the new BIOS ( 2006 ) you can turn up the FSB to 350 and have your Q9550 running at 3.0 , alone with the 8 gigs it shuold fly.