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    Unsure if my AHCI drivers supports TRIM


      My motherboard is a GA-P55-UD4P. I have a 64GB SSD installed and set to AHCI in the BIOS. When I did this, I used the AHCI drivers from my motherboard disc and followed the instructions laid out in the manual. Now I am reading that those drivers might not support TRIM but I cant seem to find a solid answer on this.

      Under the device manager, the driver listed for the Intel PCH SATA AHCI Controller is version and called iaStor.sys.


      When I check the command prompt to see if Windows TRIM is working, it says that it is but I have no idea if the command is being further pushed to the SSD. Im also reading that only the latest Intel RST drivers support TRIM on AHCI. Is this true?


      Is there a way to install the newer drivers without having to reinstall Windows 7?


      Thanks in advance