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    Multi-Core Processor Question


      I often read on the net, and people selling multi-core processors are often doing the following


      IE: Core 2 duo 1.6GHz = 2 x 1.6GHz = 3.2GHz total

      IE: Core @ Quad 2.4GHz = 4 x 2.4GHz = 9.6GHz total.


      I know this to be wrong, but can find nowhere on the net explaining whether the each core run’s at the speed or whether the total speed of the processor is as stated. IE core 2 duo 1.6GHz = 1.6GHz ÷ 2 = 800 MHz per core. Everything I find is conflicting. If I run a program like CPUZ on my PC which is a dual core 2.7GHz it tells me each core is running at 1.35GHz so that would make the total 2.7GHz. Please if you could forward me any documentation on this I would really love to know how it all works, and write a blog on it to once and for all settle the mystery out there.