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    DP45SG MB Bootup


      Boot process  pushing the power button on DP45SG to start system,it will power on then shut down in a matter of seconds.

      Is this a feature that causes the system to behave like this or why can't the system just boot at first with out the shut down process


      Any one in hte community have expierenced this.


      When adding memory upgrade from 4 Gig to 8 Gig any need be done before hand to get the system to accept the memory change

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          I confirm the system should boot right up after you hit the power button, without it shutting down like you describe it.  Just to be 100% sure, see to it that your system's set up with compatible parts; for this, please, refer to the "Compatibility" section here:




          Note: That link also has information regarding memory usage and requirements.

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            I have checked compatibility of the ram,ram specs listed below

            Corsair-DDR3,XMS3,1333,2GB Modules,10666,1.5v

            The system will not auto detect at 1333,so I have manually set the timing to 9,9,9,24 1.6v

            then there is an issue of upgrading to 8GB of memory and the MB will not detect memoryit gives off the bios signal of three beeps that no memory

            The upgraded memory is the same as modules in the system now,thought memory was issue had it RMA,after receiving new memory still same biso error

            So if I have met the compatibility of the given memory,then why am I not getting a functioning system

            I would be willing to take suggestion on what the settings should be so that I can utilize full memory capacity and boot system without restart

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              The DP45SG will only work with Ram that is 10600, any ram that is 10666 will cause all kinds of problems . Been there done that Got some 10666 and had to RMA it for 10600. Now runs fine.

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                The system is running on same ram as the upgrade,Corsair XMS3,DDR3,10666

                So,why will it run on  one set and not the other,I had to manually set the memory settings is all

                Do you think if I RMA a set for 10600 it will run with the 10666?

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                  I have this board and it drove me crazy for days until I talked to a guy at gskil so I tried what he said and it's been rock solid and stable ever since. This Board just don't like 10666, you have to use 10600.

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                    You made a valet point,and I will see if the manf will allow me to RMA for the 10600,will this memory mix with the 10666 that i have runningThank You for the helpful answer

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                      Any update on the RAM ??

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                        No update,have not heard from the manf.

                        Since I've had the first batch for a while I am in a corner by trying too get the RMA for 10600 when I will still have the 10666 that is functioning

                        I am not sure how this will work out

                        I may keep it and search for another board

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                          I found the Numbers on the RAM that I used , CRUCIAL 4gig kit 2x2 ,, CT2KIT25664BA1339.  Newegg , NE82E16820148262 , About $90.00

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                            I also wrote Gskil , because they list 10600 and 10666 as the samething , So I asked them whats the difference , Have not heard back yet, but I'll let you know, I just know for sure that 10666 gives you trouble with this board .

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                              Just to add to the confusion , I looked at CPUz on my machine and the ram list as PC3-10700 (667 MHz ) Operating at 685.6 I have it overclocked a little on the FSB , Thats easy with a QX9650 CPU, The ram timings a still stock at 9.0-9.0-9.0, Ras 24,tRFC 74 clocks Comand Rate 2T. But this thing runs real stable all day long.

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                                By the way from what I read the only difference is MAX Bandwith.

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                                  Well I got a email back form GSkil and all they could is that INTEL Boards have to use 10600, end of email.

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                                    Well ,I have received word from Corsair,and they want to RMA the memory,and I aloso asked them to consider exchanging the 10666 FOR 10600,they did not consider that it seems,and that may have something to with that I was asking if they would return all the 10666,so if the new board that is coming does not work with the 10666,I will be stuc with that memory and have to decide to get another board that will accept the DDR3,1333,10666

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