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      Hi Everybody,


                       Iam having a machine with intel 945GCCR Board. And P4 Processor. with 1.5GB RAM( in two slots as1GB,512B) of type DDR2
                       I left my machine unused for a period of three months. And again started using it.

                       It was working fine. After a period of one month it became very slow while booting.

                       Then i tried formatting and reinstalling Operating system WindowsXP SP2.

                       Then it became very slow again. I tried formatting again, the formatting process itself became very slow.

                       Formatting took mre than 2 to 3 hours some times got hang.

                       I tried replacing the RAMs, with one ram and slot change nothing worked.

                       then i tried resetiing the BIOS by changing the position of the Jumper and then rebooted it booted fastly.

                       then i formatted and it was working fine during the installation. And after installation i shut down the machine and booted it up the next day. it                      booted a little bit slow. then i shut down and tried rebooting, again it became more slow. I don't under stand what this problem is.

                       Any one please give a solution.


      THANK YOU,


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          Try the following troubleshooting steps



          1. As the first troubleshooting step, we recommend you to clear the CMOS. To do this, please remove power to the motherboard, all cables and the RTC (Real Time Clock) battery for 45 minutes. After this period of time, insert the battery back in and turn the system back on.



          2.Try booting the system with just the memory and processor installed. Bear in mind that if you do not install the memory on the motherboard, you should hear three error beeps. This means that the processor and the motherboard are indeed communicating.


          If there were no beeps, the next step would be to test your system outside of the chassis. Place your motherboard on a table, on a non-conductive material, and try booting it with only basic hardware attached. This step is to ensure there are no grounding issues with the system case.




          3. If this fails as well, please test all the components in a different system and make sure that every part is working fine. The most important parts to test are the processor, the motherboard and the system memory. (Please write down the model of the testing hardware).


          4.On a non-booting system, the only way to determine the failing part (processor or motherboard) is by testing them both on separate systems.


          Please refer to the following website for more information:




          Also you can check



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            K thats a pretty old board , how old is your Power supply ??