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    Running a Xeon Nocona and Xeon Irwindale on a Dual CPU MB


      I was wondering if anyone know if I can run a Xeon Nocona and a Xeon Irwindale on the same MB?

      or if anyone has tried this?


      The difference between the 2 as far as I can tell is that the

      a) Irwindale has 2MB L2 Cache vs Nocona 1MB

      b) Irwindale has a TDP of 110 vs 103 for Nocona.


      I currently have a Single Nocona CPU installed. I would to install a 2nd Irwindale CPU into the system.

      Thank you in advance for any advice / input / suggestions.




      Nocona -- http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL7PF.html

      Irwindale -- http://www.cpu-world.com/sspec/SL/SL8P5.html


      HP XW8200

      Model: 08B4h

      Chipset: E7525 Rev 0C

      Southbridge: 82801EB(ICH5)




      VER: 786B8 v2.10