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    Core i5 "missing" core....


      Hi all !


      Have a Core i5 750 cpu on an Asus board ( P7P55D )


      Windows 7-64  reports 3 cores only in task manager but 4 in device manager.  Software such as Speccy by Piriform ( CCleaner ...) and CPU-Z report report 3 cores and 3 threads.  A real tech. used an intel tool that says there are 4 cores.


      My Windows updates are in automatic mode and there are often many that installs themselves when I shut down my puter.


      So wazzzzup ?  By the way I also have false reports of a missing 1G out of 4 missing......


      Thanks for any info and have a nice day,



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          I understand that your Asus system uses I5-750 processor. Just a suggestion: It is best that you consult Asus about your problem with their system.

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            Hello !


            I don't remember if I answer you before but anyway, thanks for the suggestion.  Believe it or not  I had forgotten about that problem until I just received a "remember us ?" email by Intel.


            Currently I dont' really care about that problem my head is in the sky of Flight Simulator.


            I've always tought that quality control was the strong point of computing industry.  Yes nobody is perfect, but if a company ( whichever ) can do a simple test such as : we have a 4 heart processor, let's make sure they are all working !!!! where are we going.  Dangerous Military equipment is controlled by some of these processors.,,,,


            Finally, out of 1200... people who read my email, of course nobobody from INTEL ever bothered to say : that is very bizarre let look at this problem.


            Niet, zero, nothing zit,   That is unless your from INTEL.



            Have a merry Christmas and an Happy New Year !




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              As boyet said contact Asus, In terms of teh actual CPU tehre is nothing you can do apart from reseating it. The CPU is eitehr faulty or not, hence why it was suggested to contact teh motherboard manufacturer.

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                I'm not an Intel employee but I happen to own an Intel system with the I5 processor like yours. If I own an Asus system with the said Intel processor I simply would not be contacting Intel about any problem in such a system but Asus. That is the meaning of my suggestion.


                Merry Christmas and a happy new year from the great city of New York.