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    Xeon Socket Issue


      I apologize if this is a prior discussion topic but I could not find it within the community.

      I recently acquired a dead workstation using a single Xeon X5570 which works fine however the motherboard is shot and needs to be replaced. While I got a satisfactory deal on the unit I have neither the funds or current need to acquire an additional X5570 but am needing to purchase a replacement board but am unsure the proper route. The Xeon uses an LGA 1366 socket common among many boards but is it possible to use a single socket board such as long as its the same socket type? A tech associate of mine insisted that due to the dual QPI link built within the processor that it would only work with dual socket boards. Is this true? Im in a bind and until I can figure this out work is stacking up. Any pointers would be appreciated.

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          Using your processor It is possible to run it on single socket server board as long it is compatible, to make sure that the  server supports the processor I recommend to check the processor and board compatibility list before your purchase it.